Wellbore CleanUp

Setting higher standards with next generation of wellbore clean-up


Wellbore clean-up is a critical component in any new well build or workover, and when done properly will secure a profitable project with optimum production from day one and throughout the full lifecycle.

The OWS drilling scraper has continued to seize pole position for almost a decade


Following our unrivalled success in the offshore arena with a state-owned oil company in the UAE, Odfjell Well Services (OWS) recently won another significant contract for this client as the primary supplier of a Drilling Scraper.

DrillRDillo™ Drilling Scraper - Integrity and efficiency combined


Challenge The client was looking for a solution to drill a highly deviated deep well (14,000 ft) through numerous depleted zones, which increased the risk for losses and differential sticking. In addition, there was also a requirement to scrape a lower completion packer setting depth inside the 9-5/8” casing. Solution OWS supplied the DrillRdillo (DRD), a 360° contact robust scraper tool that ...

WBCU: Optimizing displacement while protecting completion equipment


OWS has developed a range of tools that allow multiple opening & closing of ports to allow on demand communication to the annulus and to allow rotation of the upper string when carrying out wellbore fluid displacements. The Weight Set Circulating Tool and the Weight Set Swivel Tool have been successfully applied on two different projects, and in this article, I will share some of the ...

The birth of a drilling scraper: Technology boosts WBCU efficiency


  A revolution in Wellbore Clean Up as we know it is at hand. OWS is launching a tool designed to withstand the rigors of drilling with the finesse of wellbore cleaning. The technology allows the well to be drilled, and then the casing to be scraped on the same run, eliminating the need for a separate dedicated trip. The new DrillRdillo™ Drilling Scraper can reduce completion time by hours or ...

The benefits of wellbore clean-up and displacement experience


  In previous blogs we have talked about how pre-job planning is key.  Although each well is different, there are fundamental similarities in each application. The question is how do we spot them? It all comes down to experienced personnel working on the project. Within the WellBore Clean-up product offering, there are a relatively low number of specialists worldwide that can offer the quality ...

The evolution of the casing scraper


Casing scrapers are not new technology. A quick search on Google patents will bring up hundreds of types of scrapers dating back to the 1930s. In this post we will explore the evolution of this wellbore cleaning tool.

The 3 Rs of Wellbore Clean-Up


At school, we learned the three Rs: reading, writing and arithmetic. There are also three Rs of wellbore clean-up, namely Rotation, Reciprocation and ciRculation. So sit up straight, pay attention and spit out that gum because today you are going back to school.

Planning your Displacement & WellBore CleanUp


Are you well (pun intended) prepared? The key fundamental aspect of a wellbore clean up is a proper pre-job planning. During a careful run-through of the elements involved, you’ll be able to identify if there are any limitations on rig & surface equipment, as well as any potential downhole ‘showstoppers’. With proper planning & implementation, an efficient and optimal cleanup and ...

How a circulation tool can boost annular velocity


A key factor in any wellbore cleanup/displacement operation is good annular velocity (AV). Why is this so? To remove the mud residue from the tubulars, the chemicals need to be working at the optimum ‘contact time’, flow regime and AV. Additionally if the AV is not within the optimum range debris may not be circulated out of the wellbore, which compromise safe deployment and operation of the ...
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