Implementing global standards for casing, wbcu and rental


How can we prevent making the same mistakes? How can we ensure that we follow best practices throughout the organization? How can we keep track of people and gear? Also, how can we simplify the invoicing process? At Odfjell Well Services we are currently in the verification phase of a roll-out of global standards connecting all parts of the value stream - including HR, time capturing, logistics, ...

Training new TRS technicians: The days of yelling and patronising are over


Being a casing operator is so much more than being able to handle the tools. As a TRS Technician you need a wide understanding of the role, must be a bearer of safety culture, have basic communication skills and know how to behave on a rig to be regarded a qualified one.

Lean in Well Services offshore and onshore


In an industry where every second counts and time is money, it’s vital we streamline and optimize our systems to ensure quality end-products and services are delivered on time, every time and waste is cut to a minimum. Here at OWS we use “Lean” to drive this process. Lean is used to describe the methodology for continuously improving the flow and efficiency of work, maximizing customer value and ...

The value of 4 decades of offshore experience


The 1970’s, an era of bell-bottoms, bold patterns and big collars. It also happens to be the decade Odfjell was founded. Like our fashion sense, things have changed and improved in many aspects of the offshore drilling industry since then. With 40 years offshore experience behind us we can safely say we’ve learned a thing or two. Let’s look at the value gained from our experience and hopefully ...
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