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Classification versus strength of drill pipe


A question we're sometimes asked is: Why is drill pipe classified as “Premium” once it has been in the hole, and why is it all of a sudden 20% weaker than new? Well, it’s a bit like buying a new car. Once you have driven it out of the dealers shop, it’s classified as used. In today’s blog post, I’ll focus on the drill pipe body itself and not the connections.

A brief overview of drilling equipment standards


In the past we didn't think it was possible to drill in some of the arduous environments we are now working in. Because of these conditions, high standards are required and are continuously updated to ensure we don't encounter equipment failures, safety issues and environmental problems.

How kelly-valves (drill stem valves) are maintained and serviced


The kelly-valve is a type of drill stem valve used to prevent flow out of the drill pipe if a kick should occur during a tripping operation. In this post I will give you a "behind the scenes" look at how we maintain and service these small and friendly helpers in the drill string.

Drilling jar placement: How to get it right!


The drilling jar is the driller’s best friend. Just like a dog will drag its passed out owner out of danger, the drilling jar will help you if your drill string is stuck down hole. However, getting it right is all about the placement.

Drilling thread types for dummies


At Odfjell Well Services we constantly hear from people who ask us why certain drill pipes don't go together. Sometimes these are experienced drillers who have been in the industry for years. So here comes a post with the need-to-know basic stuff about drilling connection types. Hopefully it will be of use to you - whether you're a rookie or a veteran.

How radio operated slips lifters may reduce costs


In my last blog post I talked about the safety matters in casing operations and how the increased use of radio operated casing equipment is really making an impact on safety in the global market. You can read the article here. In this post I will focus on the economical benefits this equipment is capable of delivering. I will use the radio operated slips lifter as an example and place it in its ...

Your drilling jar is your insurance policy


When your drillpipe is stuck in a black hole in the middle of the Pacific, in the hot desert somewhere or in the North Sea, it is easy to appreciate a good insurance policy. I am of course talking about the drilling jar - your best ally when you need to get out of a tight spot.

How to minimize drill string wear & tear


How do you minimize drill string wear & tear during transportation and drill floor handling? In this blog post I discuss three important prerequisites for safe handling and transportation of your drilling equipment.

Why hardbanding of joints can help prolong drillstring life


Drill pipe tool joints are tough as steel, but before you send them down hole, be sure they have the proper protection. Hardbanding does the job pretty well.

How to choose the right drill pipe


Smart drilling professionals don't rely on dumb luck when choosing their dumb iron. Selecting the right drill pipe for the job is just as important as any other part of the drill string - and will save you time and money. Here are some questions you should take into consideration when choosing your drill pipe.
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