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Years of experience says nothing about your offshore competence


You may have heard the saying “You can have 20 years of experience, or 1 year of experience repeated 20 times”. In other words, if someone does the same thing in an inefficient way over and over they’re probably not as competent as that smart person that’s worked more efficiently in their first year. Individuals that are faced with varying types of frameworks, systems, processes and challenges ...

Increase casing filling speed with autofill equipment


When running casing, one of the things you always have to keep in mind is keeping the casing string filled with mud.The reason for this is, of course, that you want avoid collapse of the casing. But filling the casing takes time. Time better spent fulfilling your primary objectives of running the casing to TD, cementing and pressure testing it. The process of filling the casing usually takes ...

How to calculate the capacity of a Fill-up & Circulation Tool?


What do you need to consider when calculating the capacity of the Fill-up and circulation tool? I've provided you with this real life example as a reference.

Getting the most out of Fill-Up & Circulation Tools


The hose is gradually losing its position as the preferred method of filling the casing. No wonder when the modern Fill-Up & circulation tools provides more well control, better assistance in getting to TD and improved safety. In this article I will discuss some of the issues related to optimum use of the tool.

Efficient drill floor handling with Flush Mounted Spider


The introduction of the FMS (Flush Mounted Spider) has made a step change in Tubular Running Operations. The increased safety on the rig floor is obvious when compared to the traditional methods of running casing & tubing. And when it comes to heavy-weight strings, the FMS is your best option.

Can a competent drilling crew also be used to run casing?


The short answer is; Yes! A competent drilling crew can be used to run casing. In this post I'll look at how we assure that the drilling personnel that assist our TRS crew, are compentent to the task.

What is a BX elevator?


The BX elevator is a hydraulic, remotely operated elevator, with changeable bushings, to easily change the "dressing" of the elevator. Which makes it a lot more efficient rather than having to change the entire elevator.

Rig Supervisor: How do you know your Tubular Running Services crew is competent?


Our Service Supervisors understand the significance of having a skilled and competent TRS (Tubular Running Services) crew. An experienced casing crew will increase the chance of also having a competent crew, but how do you really know you have a competent TRS crew? Being competent does not always correlate with years of experience.

Casing Hanger Make Up with CRT


I have previously written about Top Drive Casing Running and the benefits of this method. However, it has a couple of downsides. I will touch upon one of the biggest challenges and what we are doing to overcome it.

Efficient tubular running with automated slips lifter and safety clamp


Long sections of flush joint tubular require your crew to set slips and mount the safety clamp throughout the whole string. In completion, for example, when running a string of perforating guns, you might have as much as 300 - 400 connections including pulling. You could save a lot of backs while saving a lot of bucks, by letting the machines do the heavy work.
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