Casing Preparation

Tripping out or cashing in?


Different methods and technology for reducing the number of well trips have been around for some years; however, as a result of the latest market down-cycle period, these approaches have gained fresh interest, creating a new wave of development in technology-based solutions. In this article I will go into further detail about three of Odfjell Well Services' main technologies on how to reduce ...

The DrillRdillo™ eliminates a trip and saves client $100k


Odfjell Well Services’ DrillRdillo™ Multi-Application Scraper was recently mobilized to Cameroon. Through the use of a combined drilling and wellbore cleanout BHA, the IOC was able to drill out a bridge plug, cement plugs and complete a wellbore clean-up in one trip.

The DrillRdillo casing scraper: The story so far [Infographic]


The DrillRdillo from OWS has saved trips for clients from Myanmar to Angola; from The Middle-East to The North Sea. Here we present you with a quick overview of some stats and use cases from clients utilising the tool for a variety of applications.

Onshore monitoring - keeping high-quality TRS while reducing operators offshore


What question would you rather ask: –Where can I find the comments on connection #254, or –Why is there a higher torque on the connection you just made?

Identifying Casing / Tubing is imperative to safe casing running


This is probably the most important part of a casing crew’s job; identifying the pipe and ensuring all equipment and tools are within the specs to handle and make up the connections. Why is this so important? The crew needs to understand what type of connections they are making up. Are they all the same, or are there different types in one string? This is crucial as torque figures might differ, ...

The birth of a drilling scraper: Technology boosts WBCU efficiency


A revolution in Wellbore Clean Up as we know it is at hand. OWS is launching a tool designed to withstand the rigors of drilling with the finesse of wellbore cleaning. The technology allows the well to be drilled, and then the casing to be scraped on the same run, eliminating the need for a separate dedicated trip. The new DrillRdillo™ Drilling Scraper can reduce completion time by hours or even ...

Radio operated equipment reduces risk in casing operations


From my location in Thailand it is obvious that a change of culture is taking place. While the remotely operated casing equipment traditionally has had its main market in the North Sea, things are now turning in Asia. The popularity of automated equipment is directly reflected in the reduced number of casualties from production in our region. How do you get the most out of your radio operated ...

How to manage risks and hazards in casing operations?


Although casing activity represent less than 10 % of well cycle time, the injury rate is more than 10%, and more than 50 % of lethal accidents on a drill rig happens during casing, according to IADC.

Casing Make-Up Torque and Turn


If you think make-up is all about reading graphs on a computer display, this is undoubtedly a blog post you should read carefully.

A novel approach to casing preparation after drilling


With increased well costs, particularly in deepwater wells, the benefits of combining operations in one trip are too good to ignore. With new advances in technology it is now possible to combine what was two trips into one, saving considerable time and money. Your drilling bottom hole assembly (BHA) can now be designed to allow casing preparation operations to be performed immediately post ...
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