Top Hole Drilling on the Maria Field: A three-party success


Is it possible to drill a top hole to 42" in one run if the template is 38"? Here is the story of three parties putting their expertise together to save runs, time and money.

How top hole drilling can put you ahead of project plan


If you were guaranteed to save 30 hours rig time by investing NOK 250.000 extra - would you do it? Well, someone did and they saved close to NOK 3 million. And got ahead of plan already after drilling the top hole.

Drilling jar placement: How to get it right!


The drilling jar is the driller’s best friend. Just like a dog will drag its passed out owner out of danger, the drilling jar will help you if your drill string is stuck down hole. However, getting it right is all about the placement.

What is Template Drilling?


 Bonanza! Your petroleum geologists have discovered an oil or gas deposit. Now you just have to get as much up as possible at the lowest possible cost. Part of the procedure is drilling production wells, usually done with the help of templates. Here is a basic introduction to what template drilling is, and why & how we do it.

How to drill a vertical top hole


Top hole drilling is as much science as art. But in order to do it right, you've got to mean business. Here are three basic things you need to get right in order to avoid building inclination. Follow these principles and you will end up with a vertical top hole, and not the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Hole openers: When your black gold is between a rock and a hard place


When drilling top holes in extreme formations with rock hard boulders, the borehole can sometimes change direction, because the drill bit always chooses the path of least resistance. It needs to be guided by a firm hand – the hole-opener. With 8 tons of steel rotating and grinding into the formation above it, the drill bit will go right where you want it.
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