How to calculate the capacity of a Fill-up & Circulation Tool?


What do you need to consider when calculating the capacity of the Fill-up and circulation tool? I've provided you with this real life example as a reference.

Getting the most out of Fill-Up & Circulation Tools


The hose is gradually losing its position as the preferred method of filling the casing. No wonder when the modern Fill-Up & circulation tools provides more well control, better assistance in getting to TD and improved safety. In this article I will discuss some of the issues related to optimum use of the tool.

Efficient drill floor handling with Flush Mounted Spider


The introduction of the FMS (Flush Mounted Spider) has made a step change in Tubular Running Operations. The increased safety on the rig floor is obvious when compared to the traditional methods of running casing & tubing. And when it comes to heavy-weight strings, the FMS is your best option.

The correct use of safety clamps


  In one of my previous articles I spoke about the use of slips. Understanding the operation of the slips will make you understand the purpose of the safety clamp.  Why do we use it in our daily operations on the drill floor, whether we run Drill Pipe, Casing or Tubing?

How radio operated slips lifters may reduce costs


In my last blog post I talked about the safety matters in casing operations and how the increased use of radio operated casing equipment is really making an impact on safety in the global market. You can read the article here.  In this post I will focus on the economical benefits this equipment is capable of delivering. I will use the radio operated slips lifter as an example and place it in its ...

Radio operated equipment reduces risk in casing operations


  From my location in Thailand it is obvious that a change of culture is taking place. While the remotely operated casing equipment traditionally has had its main market in the North Sea, things are now turning in Asia. The popularity of automated equipment is directly reflected in the reduced number of casualties from production in our region. How do you get the most out of your radio operated ...

The use and misconceptions of slips in casing operations


Considering the solid position of slips in our industry, it is strange that we still confuse or miscommunicate the terms, types and purposes of the different kinds. Considering the rapid development of the technology, it is remarkable that they more or less look and work the way they always have.

Casing Make-Up Torque and Turn


If you think make-up is all about reading graphs on a computer display, this is undoubtedly a blog post you should read carefully.
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