The Well Blog's top 10 blog posts of 2016


Christmas is coming, and 2016 is will soon be history. It has been an excellent year on The Well Blog thanks to you faithful readers out there making more than 132.000 visits to read our articles. That is more than 30% increase from last year. We like to think that this proves the blog's relevance and that the articles resonate well with our audience. Since January, we have published 32 articles ...

Confessions of a veteran: Why I would have used the CRT


I care about the string. At least, I did when was in charge of it. The solid grip of the elevator around the box felt comforting. No one could ever convince me that hundreds of tons of casing jangling from the top drive, with an inside grip, were a safe option. I was saved by the bell. The new technology (well, new at that point) came along when I had moved up the ranks to my ultimate level of ...

Identifying Casing / Tubing is imperative to safe casing running


This is probably the most important part of a casing crew’s job; identifying the pipe and ensuring all equipment and tools are within the specs to handle and make up the connections. Why is this so important? The crew needs to understand what type of connections they are making up. Are they all the same, or are there different types in one string? This is crucial as torque figures might differ, ...

Well control: It's all about knowing who your friends are


We may call them the three defenders of the wellbore: The mud, the casing and the BOP. They all play a vital part in every project. Each one covering up for the other and helping you keeping well control and prevent blow-out.

Keen on getting stuck pipe? Try these 5 tricks


To every drilling supervisor, getting stuck pipe is a nightmare. You want to get out, but you can't. But unlike a bad dream, which is free of charge, stuck pipe costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. Still, getting stuck is a character-moulding experience worth its weight in gold.

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