OWS expands its Premium Threading portfolio in Eastern Europe


Odfjell Well Services (OWS) is expanding its Thread Repair portfolio at the Repair Workshop Facility in Eastern Europe. Recently, we have been licensed by NOV Grant Prideco to execute premium threading.

Tripping out or cashing in?


Different methods and technology for reducing the number of well trips have been around for some years; however, as a result of the latest market down-cycle period, these approaches have gained fresh interest, creating a new wave of development in technology-based solutions. In this article I will go into further detail about three of Odfjell Well Services' main technologies on how to reduce ...

The heaviest casing string ever run in Romania


Both equipment and competence were put to the ultimate test when Odfjell Well Services faced their heaviest casing string in Romania so far. Petrom – OMV subcontracted Rig Saipem 5870 was going to set 13 5/8” 14” Casing (535 Tones / 3801m) in the Baicoi field in Romania.

How CRTi and Ream Shoe can Reduce Casing Running Time and Costs


The risk of stopping casing jobs before reaching TD is greater for deep and/or deviated sections. The ability to ream casing down by using the CRTi (or CRTe)and a ream shoe overcomes challenging wellbore obstructions such as tight spots, ledges, high dog legs, cutting ‘beds’ or difficult deviated zones. There are situations where Level 1 casing reaming could save up to 50 percent of the time or ...

The “anatomy” of casing drilling bits (L2)


The idea of using drillable bits on casing strings for CwD applications is a great one as long as you choose the correct bit for your job. These are some of the properties that make a CwD bit different from a conventional drill bit, and a great solution to drill the surface sections, both onshore and offshore.

Casing While Drilling (Level 2) in Romania. Experiences so far


Casing While Drilling has a history as a highly efficient way of combining drilling and casing. OWS Romania has been using this method extensively, and I will share some experiences, show some track records and highlight the reasons why CwD has been such a success for us here.

What is Casing Drilling (Casing while drilling, CwD)?


The concept of drilling and casing the hole in the same time is, of course, valuable by combining two time consuming processes. So how is it possible? What are the limitations? What are the challenges? And what are the benefits?

4 ways to avoid having people in red zone


You've thoroughly identified and marked your hazards. Safe routes are established. Bolts and nuts are constantly being tightened and the safety mats are strategically located. Still you realize that the nature of the work and the environment expose you to dangers never found in an office job.

Do you expect to reach casing TD at first attempt?


We're in a highly competitive business were figures are astronomical and the fine line between success and failure is made out of a pile of money. Planning and completing a drilling operation is a lot about percentages. We all know what's at stake, but we sometimes fail to play our best bet.
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